Juvenile Players, Mentors and Parents Codes of conduct

Juvenile Players, Mentors and Parents Code of conduct

Players Code of Conduct.
As a player of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Section I am entitled to:
– Be safe and feel safe.
– Have fun and experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.
– Be treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity.
– Comment and make suggestions in a constructive manner.
– Participate in games and competitions at levels with which I feel comfortable.
– Be protected from abuse.
– Be listened to.
As a player of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Section I agree to:
– Play fairly, do my best and enjoy myself.
– Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, ethnic origin, cultural background or religion.
– Represent my team, my club and my family with pride and dignity.
– Respect all coaches, mentors, officials and my opponents.
– Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.
– Inform my coach/mentor/manager when I am unavailable for training and games.
– Tell my coach/mentor/manager if anybody has harmed me in any way.
– Take due care of club equipment.
As a player of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Section I agree not to:
– Cheat – always play by the rules.
– Shout at or argue with a game’s official, with my coach, or team mates.
– Use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage or isolate other team mates.
– Spread rumours.
– Tell lies about adults or other young people.
– Use unacceptable language or racial and/or sectarian references
– Take any photography for use private or otherwise within the grounds of the club or any GAA grounds where the club participates.
Note: Any player who fails to follow these rules may be asked by Mentor/Coach to leave the field.

Parents Code of Conduct.

1 I will respect the rules and procedures set down by the Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Club.
2 I will respect my children’s team mates, managers/mentors/coaches and other parents, as well as opposing teams. I will encourage my child to treat players and officials with respect
3 I will respect all officials and their authority during training and games.
4 I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use of foul language.
5 I understand that my child will be required to travel to participate in matches and other club activities.
6 I understand that photographs or video footage will be taken at times by an accredited person or at club related events and may be used in the promotion of the sport and club.
7 My child understands the Player Conduct Rules of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Club and will abide by these rules.
Text Message:
I understand that I may be contacted by text message from the club mentors in relation to training, match times and venues for my child and from time to time in relation to club information and notices
Manager/Mentor/Coach Code of Conduct.

As a Manager/Mentor/Coach I agree that I should:
– Be positive during training and games, praise and encourage efforts as well as results
– Put welfare of young person first, strike a balance between this and winning/result
– Encourage fair play and treat participants equally
– Recognise development needs of person ensuring activities are appropriate to the person
– Plan and prepare appropriately.
– Involve parents or guardians where possible and inform parents when problems arise
– Keep records of attendance at training and games.
– Keep record of any injury and action taken.
– Keep record pf problem/action/outcomes, if behavioural problems arise.
– Report any concerns to Chairman and committee of the club.
Where possible I will not:
– Spend excessive amount of time with a young person away from others.
– Take training sessions alone
– Take a young person on a journey alone in a car.
While training young persons I will not:
– Use any physical force on a child.
– Exert undue influence over a participant in order to obtain personal benefit or reward
– Engage in sexually provocative games or allow inappropriate touching of any kind. Will not allow innuendo, flirting, or inappropriate gestures and terms.
– Take measurements or engage in certain types of fitness testing without the presence of another adult.